Sonora Brand Products
A Division of Saguaro Food Products

    Saguaro (pronounced Sa·wu·a·ro) Food Products, named after the saguaro cactus which only thrives throughout Arizona, is a Montana-based specialty food manufacturing company that provides fresh, authentic-tasting salsa to retailers and end consumers. "Sonora Brand" Mateo de Salsa, with its vibrant logo, exudes a special blend of "Old Mexico" ingredients sprouting from an authentic family recipe.
    The authentic family recipe that originated from Sonora, Mexico, hence the brand name Sonora Brand, has a special density of fresh ingredients. Mateo de Salsa flavor is true to the Mexican culture and has not been changed to preserve shelf life, expenses, or North American culture. This is the real things!
    There are three blends. The original blend is spicier than the other two. Mateo de Salsa's original blend concentrates on the flavor and not the spicy heat of the ingredients. The heat compliments the flavor. The mild blend fully maintains the flavor without the heat of the spices. The restaurant blend tones down the spices of the orginal blend to appeal to a larger crowd.

VISION STATEMENT                                                          
    Saguaro Food Products seeks to be a premier supplier of quality, authentic Mexican culinary delights throughout Montana. Increased demand and customer loyality will warrant marketing a vibrant, diverse, and differentiated line of products that best meet customers' discerning taste buds.

    Saguaro Food Products is dedicated to providing an excellent quality fresh salsa, mixing the passion of generations and the flavorful ingredients of authentic Mexican cuisine. Our superior tasting, wholesome salsa specifically caters to those desiring to enhance their food experiences. We will continue to deliver premium customer value, provide friendly customer service, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Making Fresh Mexican Salsa Since 1997


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